About Geoffrey

I’m a Disney-loving, pop culture-obsessed, twenty-something millennial.

I have been a Disney fan since I was young kid and my love for the parks and properties grew tremendously when I moved to Florida in July 2016. For the next two years, I was at the parks every chance I got (most weekends and often on weeknights as well). I moved back to Indiana (where I was born and raised) in July 2018, but kept my annual pass. I still make regular trips “home” throughout the year.

I work full time as a higher education administrator and instructor. My passion lies in helping college students discover who they are and develop leadership skills to be successful in college and after graduation. I earned a master’s degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of South Florida and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Indiana State University.

My education background helps me develop this site and the Theme Park Millennial brand as well. Having professional training in journalism gives me the tools and knowledge I need to continue to grow this blog. And being taught about college student development, group dynamics, and diversity allow me to build a prospering community of Disney fans of all ages.

My Focus

I focus my brand primarily on the Disney theme parks. I also talk a lot about doing Disney trips – and travel in general – on a budget. I believe everyone can and should experience Disney magic. With the right prioritized and intentional planning, that dream can come true.

I use my experiences and lifestyle to talk about news and issues that connect to the Disney fan community in some way.

I choose to show up authentically in this space and allow my story to be out there to help others. Through sharing my social identities, style, and experiences, I hope you are able to learn something not only about me but also about yourself.

Finally, I truly enjoy the community that I have created around me as a result of starting this brand. I want to continue to build on those friendships and connections so we can all come together to form a positive and thriving group of Disney fans.

My Values

These values are not just for this site or brand; they are my values that I hold throughout my life and they influence how I show up here and the things I do through this site.


I derived this value from the work of Dr. Brené Brown who has done research on the power of vulnerability in overcoming shame and leading to connection, love, joy, and belonging. When we show up as who we are and lean into being vulnerable with others whom we know and trust, that is when we can experience true belonging.


Life is an adventure and full of challenge. I strive to embrace those challenges and say yes to adventure. For it is in times of challenge and discomfort when we are truly able to grow and learn. I live an active and adventurous lifestyle, and I’m always looking for “what’s next” to come.


This connects directly to my full-time work in higher education: I believe everyone should have access to the resources they need to pursue their dreams. Whether that is furthering their education or some other route, everyone should be able to pursue what will make them happy. This also goes back to the idea of making Disney affordable for all, and is why I choose to focus doing Disney and travel on a budget.

Disney Favorites:

  • Character/Movie: Hercules
  • Villain: Maleficent
  • Princess: Aurora
  • Remake: Beauty and the Beast
  • Marvel Movie: Captain America Civil War
  • Marvel Hero: Captain America
  • Park: Disneyland’s California Adventure
  • Attraction: Radiator Springs Racers
  • Nighttime Spectacular: Fantasmic
  • Place to eat: Trattoria al Forno (Boardwalk @ Disney World)

Disney Least Favorites:

  • Movie: All of the Star Wars, not a fan
  • Princess: Merida
  • Park: Animal Kingdom
  • Attraction: Space Ranger Spin (Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland)
  • Nighttime Spectacular: Rivers of Light (Animal Kingdom)

If you want to know more about me, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram and send me a message there! You can also email me at geoffrey@themeparkmillennial.com if you prefer.