Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge won’t have FastPass: Here’s why that’s a good thing

It was announced in March 2019 (subtly, through an update on the Disney website that the community later discovered) that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions, once they open, will not be offering FastPass availability.

It came as one simple line that read: “Disney FastPass+ service is unavailable for the attractions in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.”

Keeping in mind that that’s all the information we have to go off of, it’s unclear if this is a permanent/indefinite decision or just temporary while the land and its attractions are new.

(Remember, only one ride will open on opening day – the second of two will open later in the year.)

Your first instinct might be to panic and think that it’ll be impossible to get on the new rides now, with standby lines being too insane for anyone but the most die-hard fans to wait in. Don’t fret – the lines will be bad, but Disney actually made a smart decision here.


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