About Me

Hi, I’m Geoffrey

Disney loving, Pop culture-obsessed

Disney to me is more than a theme park or collection of (really good) movies. The magic of Disney represents love and hope, and community and belonging. That’s what inspired me to start the Theme Park Millennial brand. I’m passionate about bringing the Disney magic to everyone, whether that’s helping you make a trip fit within your budget or finding ways to connect with Disney at home..

I create content that provides commentary on the latest news from Disney, Universal, and other theme parks. I also share budget travel tips that will help you no matter where you’re going. And I love creating Disney Style and Disney Bound outfits that are stunning and affordable. I define my style as “sporty casual” – comfortable, & fashionable.

It all started when…

I’ve been a Disney fan since I was barely able to walk and talk. I first went to Disney World when I was a toddler and the only thing I really remember about that trip is being obsessed with the monorail. I suppose everyone should have known then that I would be obsessed with the parks forever when I was most intrigued by the transportation!

I went back to Disney World a couple more times growing up, and of course was practically raised on Disney movies and Disney Channel tv. Then, after graduating from college, I went to the University of South Florida for grad school (in Tampa). Being an hour away from the parks, I bought my annual pass in 2016 and my Disney love grew.

I left Florida in 2018 and moved back to Indiana (where I was born and raised) but still have my annual pass to Disney World and Universal Orlando. I try to go once a month or every other month at least, even if just for a quick weekend trip (I’ve become known for 36-hour trips).

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10 facts about me

  1. My favorite Disney movie and character is Hercules. I admire the story, the animation, the music, and the character. The day I get to meet Hercules in the parks will be the best day of my life.
  2. I identify as a gay man, and came out in October 2016. Disney actually helped me a lot with coming out and feeling accepted in the gay community.
  3. My favorite Disney park is Disney’s California Adventure. I’ve only been once, but that was enough. It has my favorite ride as well: Radiator Springs Racers.
  4. I started watching Marvel movies in 2019 leading up to Avengers Endgame and binge watched all of the movies in timeline order. Now I’m completely hooked on the whole franchise.
  5. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and my Hogwarts house is Gryffindor.
  6. I love watching political tv shows; some of my favorites are Scandal, The West Wing, and House of Cards.
  7. I’m really into Pokemon and have been playing every game since the first ones (Red and Blue) came out in the US. My favorite is Jolteon.
  8. I’ve been to both to Disney World and Disneyland California. I desperately want to go to my first international park soon.
  9. My favorite Mickey is Sorcerer Mickey and my favorite park show is Fantasmic. I decorated my master’s graduation cap based on both.
  10. I currently work in university housing in Indiana and teach leadership course to college freshman.

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