About Geoffrey

It all started when…

I have been a Disney fan since I was a young kid. My first trip to Disney World was as a toddler, and the thing I most remember is being obsessed with the monorail. It was my favorite ride! Everyone should have known then I’d be obsessed with the parks for the rest of my life.

I grew up watching Disney movies – and by that I mean the classics from the 90s and early 2000s. My favorite Disney movie is Hercules, who deserves way more love and attention than he gets in the parks. The theme parks and movies together bring so much joy and magic to my life.

What I do now…

I currently work as a higher education administrator, overseeing residence hall facilities on a college campus, and teaching leadership-based courses to college students. I earned my masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction and my bachelors degree in Journalism. My education helps me in my day job, and also helps me run this blog too.

I was born and raised and Indiana, and currently am living there now. While in grad school, I lived in Tampa, Florida for two years and that allowed my love for Disney – especially the parks – to grow. I also fell in love with Universal parks at the same time and I’m counting the days till I am once again a Florida resident.

Disney Bound, Disney Style

I love creating outfits that are inspired by Disney characters (“Disney Bounding”). Many of those looks also highlight my sporty casual style, but some are more “dapper” or dressed up.

My Brand

I’m a multi-passionate person, so my brand reflects that. All of my content, however, ties back to these four pillars – whether it’s on this site, on Instagram, or any other medium.

Theme Park News

The foundation of my brand and content is sharing news and events from Disney, Universal, and other theme parks. I use my journalism background to cover news ethically and responsibly.

Sporty, Casual Style

I enjoy wearing a style that is sporty and casual, but also put-together and stylish. I share about how this comes together on social media.

Travel On A Budget

Affordability of experiences, and the quality of them, is very important to me and will be a factor in any review I provide to help you make it work on any budget.

Celebrating Diversity

As a gay man, I value diversity & inclusion. I want to build a community of diverse millennials who love theme parks & pop culture.

Want more content?

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