How to Make Disney Solo Trips Less Scary and Why You Should Do One

Disney vacations are perfect for making family memories, right? So who would think that a Disney trip would also be perfect for solo travelers?

Actually, solo trips to Disney are easier and more enjoyable than ones at most other places.

I do a lot of solo travel (as a single, young adult) to both Disney and other destinations, and often get a lot of questions about how I do it from people saying they are scared or nervous to do a solo trip.

There’s no reason to be nervous – it actually is really nice!

Why travel solo?

The best perk is you can do what you want, when you want – you’re not balancing other peoples’ wish list for rides, food, etc. and you are on your own time. If you don’t want to ride Splash Mountain (first of all, why not?), then you don’t have to! If you want to eat at Le Celier instead of Tutto Italia, go for it!

Another perk – you obviously save money. If you’re traveling with a family or even as a couple, you’re paying at least 2 times (or more) what you pay for a single ticket/meal/experience. I’m definitely going to enjoy only paying for one while I can before I get coupled up!

You can also tend to get on rides faster. Even if you aren’t in a single rider line (because they barely exist), you can take advantage of those times when a cast member asks for a party of 1-2 to fill open seats on a ride. I’ve been able to skip ahead of a line of 10-15 people multiple times because they had 1 open seat on the ride and everyone else was in a group.

Tips for making solo trips less scary

Just do you, and ignore everyone else

You might get some looks when you’re by yourself, because people like to judge, or you might feel awkward at times being alone. Just focus on having fun and taking in everything at Disney, and ignore the haters.

Talk to people in lines

This might seem like it contradicts the last tip, but it doesn’t. Ignore the haters, but talk to all the friendly people you’ll meet in lines, at dining locations, etc. It helps the time go by a lot faster in line and you can have some great conversations.

Wear a great outfit

If you’re wearing a great custom shirt or ears (from a small shop, preferably), you’re going to stand out and strike up all kinds of conversations that start with “where did you get that” and go from there. It’s a great icebreaker and it makes things a lot less awkward. If you need help finding shops to buy outstanding, unique items from, click here for the ones I recommend and work with (and get a discount code too)!

Talk to yourself (err… your phone)

This one will feel awkward at first too, but you’ll get used to it. I get on Instagram a lot more when I’m solo than when I’m with people and I will post a lot to my stories, including talking on camera. Give your followers updates on what you’re doing, show the rides, and share your thoughts. People love following along on a Disney trip and you’ll get people responding to what you’re doing there.

Talk to Cast Members

Don’t be afraid to talk to cast members that are nearby when you’re in line, or are cleaning tables when you’re eating. Don’t distract them from their job, of course, but they’re usually happy to have a brief conversation if you need a bit of in-person human interaction.

Just try it out!

The best advice I can give you is to just try it out some time – even if you’re just splitting from the group you came with and spending a day or part of a day on your own. That way, you can see if you like it and might want to do a full trip on your own some time!

Have you ever done a solo trip before? What are your concerns about doing one?

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