Mission & Values

It’s important for you to know what I stand for, what I believe in, and what to expect from my content and brand.
Any content I create, promote, or sponsor will align with these values. I have also listed ‘values in action’ because value statements are meaningless without action tied to them.


1) Access

I believe that everyone should have access to live their best magical life. This access should not be limited by income or identity.

Value in Action:

  • Providing and featuring affordable and budget-friendly style and travel recommendations (not high-dollar luxury options)
  • Highlighting and celebrating diversity within pop culture communities; sharing the stage with other creators to present a diverse array of voices
  • Creating content that uplifts minority communities rather than doing harm towards them

2) Adventure

I believe adventure is what adds excitement and joy to life. Trying new things, taking risks, and being vulnerable in spaces can open you up to many opportunities, learning, and growth.

Value in Action:

  • Sharing my life journey in the past and present to set an example of risk taking and vulnerability
  • Highlighting travel experiences that embody a sense of adventure and excitement (active travel)
  • Creating content that educates and contributes to the audience’s learning and growth on a variety of topics that are relevant to society

3) Reliability

I believe that having a platform of any size comes with a responsibility to be reliable and trustworthy. Any information shared or agreements made must be accurate and true.

Value in Action:

  • Reporting news (theme park-based or otherwise) accurately and only utilizing the most reliable and direct sources.
  • Always providing my honest and real review of a product or experience, regardless of any compensation provided
  • Properly disclosing any compensated relationship between a business/brand and myself – following both FTC and best practice guidelines


Theme Park Millennial positively contributes to the theme park community with reliable news reporting and inspirational content


Theme Park Millennial aims to be a leading, trusted voice in the theme park community and to be a go-to source for the latest news and events