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Hi, I’m Geoffrey! I’m a young-adult millennial and I love all things Disney and pop culture, and musical theater. I started Theme Park Millennial to bring together a community that celebrates Disney, positivity, and diversity. I live in Indiana (USA) and work my “day job” as a higher education administrator and instructor. I have a background in journalism, which comes in handy here. I love Disney Bounding and wearing Disney style in and out of the theme parks.

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I sell some of my Disney and other clothing items from my closet on Poshmark. Use my referral code GEOFFREYKOESTER for $10 off when you sign up and get the app.

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I co-administrate a Facebook group for Disney influencers, creators, and brands. We support each other, organize collaborations together, and share tips and resources to help you grow.

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I put together this free guidebook, detailing your options for great, affordable off-site hotels near the Walt Disney World Resort. For when you can’t stay at the Grand Floridian.