Why You Should Be Ordering Groceries for Your Disney Vacation – And How to Do It

You’re on vacation and the last thing you want to do is cook or eat in. And trust me, I – of all people – am not about to suggest you do anything close that.

However, there are some benefits to ordering groceries to be delivered to your hotel room while you’re on vacation at Disney, Universal, or in general. I’m going to go through those -and then introduce you to a small business that can help you get groceries to your Disney World resort room in a flash.

**Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link for a business that sponsored me to try their delivery service. Ordering via that link will allow me to receive a small commission, but will not cost you any extra**

Save money on daily essentials

So we’ve already established we don’t want to cook while we’re on vacation (or if you’re me, ever). Getting essentials like bottled water, snacks, breakfast items, and so on can save you a lot of money compared to buying equivalent items in the parks.

Sure, you can get free cups of water in the parks and tap water from the sink in your room. Bottled water just hits different though, right? Stay hydrated with that purified water.

And some easy-to-pack snacks and breakfast items can save you money for fancier and larger meals in the parks, versus paying for a snack at Starbucks or a quick service cart.

Pack snacks for the day

Notice I said easy to pack snacks earlier? I ordered some Pringles cans on my last trip and took them with me to the parks. That was a life saver for saving money and also saving time waiting in line when I’m getting hangry (who can’t relate to that?).

I’m packing a bag anyways (mainly for outfit changes for the ‘Gram), so it doesn’t hurt anything to throw some small snack packages in there to have throughout the day. When you’re going all day long, typically rope drop to fireworks, like I do at the parks, this is just the fuel you need.

Save time and money by not going to a store

Okay so you’re convinced you need to get some grocery items, but you don’t want to spend precious park time going to a grocery store and grocery shopping. No one has that kind of time! Don’t worry – delivery services exist for so many things these days. You could probably go the rest of your life and never step foot in a grocery store if you wanted to, and trust me, that’s tempting.

Just order online, put in your room number/address, and your order will be delivered right to you. You can do this with a few different services, Amazon being the most popular, or the one I’m here to introduce you to today: Water Butlers.

What is Water Butlers?

It’s a grocery delivery service just like Amazon Now delivery, specific to the Disney World area. Get them delivered to your Disney hotel or nearby hotel in under two hours.

You can choose to wait at your room for it and meet the driver, or you can have the delivery left at the concierge/luggage services desk for your resort and you go there to pick it up later. I opted for the latter so I could go enjoy my day and get my groceries at the end of the day.

You can track your order online just like you would an Uber ride and you get text updates throughout the process from receiving your order to completing your delivery.

Why use Water Butlers over Amazon?

With a site like Amazon out there, it might be hard to break away for a relatively new service. Water Butlers is very comparable in price and delivery time, nearly identical actually. What makes Water Butlers stand out, and why I think you should use them, is they are a small business that can apply a personal touch of customer service while Amazon is a mega-corporation that doesn’t and won’t take the extra time to serve you.

With Water Butlers, if you don’t see an item on their site, you can message them via their website and request something else.

This service is also specific to the Disney World area. So they know the resorts, their drivers deliver exclusively to the resorts, and by being smaller, you’ll likely see shorter wait times with fewer people ordering all the time. Basically, you’re more than a delivery number.

Given the choice between a small business and mega-corporation, I’ll always choose the small business. And in this case, you don’t pay any more money to do so.

Click here to get started shopping and place your order for your trip.

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