Hi, I’m Geoffrey!

I’m a blogger sharing my love and knowledge for the Disney Parks, along with other theme park destinations, to help you do Disney on a budget. As a young adult millennial, I understand money is tight and it’s hard to plan for a vacation while living paycheck-to-paycheck. I want to help make it possible for you to make it work.

I lived in Florida for two years, where my love for the Orlando area grew – as did my knowledge of it. I’m now living in Indiana and working full time as a higher education administrator, and connecting with you here to keep the magic alive.

Universal Orlando recently made changes to their Uber pick up area, and implemented an extra fee for pick ups from their theme parks. Read more about this change and my tips on how to use rideshare at both Disney and Universal.

There’s so much to do and see for the holiday season in the Disney World parks. Take a look at my top 8 things I’m planning for to get started with your own list.

This detailed guide answers the most common question I get from readers and followers: how do I plan for one day at Disney World and go to multiple parks and see everything I want to see?

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